Tuesday, May 22

Remembering Joplin One Year Later

On May 22, 2011, a devestating EF-5 tornado tore through the small town of Joplin, MO, that left 161 people killed and hundreds injured. 

President Obama made a special visit to the 2012 high school graduating class in Joplin and you are able to view that video, a very special story of survival and much more above. 

I am extremely proud of Joplin, MO and its residents as they continue rebuilding their city. There was no greater joy than this time last year sitting here thinking, "What can I do?" Well, I did what I could and reached out to several celebrities, including LeAnn Rimes. 

Even though Rimes was on a honeymoon in Mexico, she decided to put her honeymoon aside and fly to Florida, where in 8-days I put together a sold out show to help those in Joplin, titled, "An Evening with LeAnn Rimes." 

Through the fundraiser, we were able to help so many people by the funds raised and ALL the celebrities and public who lent a hand in donating their time and/or money. 

It was an evening I will NEVER forget and this video is a small rememberance of that very special and emotional evening back on June 5, 2011.