Monday, July 1


Hi Friends,

I wanted to thank YOU for continuing to keep my first book a best seller in many different categories across the globe. I only have YOU to thank for that!

Furthermore, I wanted to let you know the latest on me and my life since the book released four weeks ago tomorrow!

As part of my "16th Minute," in the last chapter of the book, it has been my dream to go back to TV and/or radio as a regular everyday personality on-air. This is something I am working very hard on making happen, and not giving up at any "No's" that may come my way. Honestly, I would move to the middle of the United States (although I prefer anywhere along the east coast) to make this happen. I know what I have to offer to a market, large or small, and I am so ready for this new chapter in my life.

Speaking of new chapters, I am fast at work on writing a follow up to my book, that I plan to release this time with a publisher. This book focuses in more on the celebrities I have met and worked with and less about my personal life story. So publishers beware, I am coming for you too!

Also, lots of requests for book tour signings and Q&A's, but no bookings as of yet. When I start to book college campuses, book stores, or where ever they may be, you will be the first to know!!!

Ok, off I go to more applying for TV and radio jobs...Maybe I will be in your city soon working within your community!

Much love, light and happiness...

Jonathan Jaxson