Wednesday, November 29

My Very Personal Truth on Being Sexually Assaulted by Hollywood Power Names

It has been a long couple of months of deep soul searching to how, and to where, and whether or not I would even be so courageous as all of these other individuals to stand up as a gay man against those in Hollywood that violated me sexually.

Yes, I could have sold the truth for thousands upon thousands or wrote a tell-all book about it for profit, but at last it isn't about that. What it is about for me is letting go of a long past of heartaches in hopes it will continue to help others speak out against these bullies and aggressors due to their "status" in Hollywood. 

The biggest fear prior to doing this was being judged more than I have already my entire career as a publicist and TV personality. People will sit behind their computer screens and write terrible things, they just will, but I feel bad for them. It can't get worse than being called the world's "worst publicist," from some former clients PR powerhouses in attempt to destroy every part of me. Today I am in a far different place with God and my career and nothing good can come of this but a clear mind and hopeful continued rally of being FEARLESS.

I gain NOTHING financially, for fame, or positive marks for being so brave for my two stories of many that I will write below...NOTHING!!!

Alas, here I go with letters publicly to those that have made such a terrible impact on my life by violating me sexually...

Dear Mark Young,

Inside I must forgive you, but I will never forget what you have done to my psyche all these years past. In 2005, I was on a career dip and you had the audacity to try and rob my innocence to try and lure me into an already corrupted world of Hollywood.

It was early February 2005 when I was a reporter for the local WB17 in Jacksonville, FL, and you grabbed me by the arm asking me to come backstage and interview your clients Earth, Wind and Fire during the XXXIX Super Bowl. After going backstage and doing the interview with your clients, whom were very respectful, you asked that I meet you at your hotel later in the day so we could have dinner as you had ideas for me after speaking briefly about my time as a publicist. 

That evening we had met at your hotel, but you had very little time as you had an official party to attend and had to bail on dinner. You took me up to your room where you were getting ready and I was sitting on the balcony enjoying the riverfront as you undressed. You invited me from across the room to join you at the party so we could continue the fragments of PR conversations we were having. I asked my partner on the phone in front of you if that was OK and then cleared my schedule to accommodate following you coming up behind me in your underwear and leaning over to kiss my neck while I was on the patio. I froze and didn't know what to do. You then lit your cigarette and continued to fix your hair in preparation for the party to come in which you clients were attending. 

We left in a town car and headed towards St. Augustine, FL, where the exclusive party was occurring.    It was festive and after several pieces of conversation about my career history and yours, you asked if  I would come on board and help you with some of your projects that you couldn't do all by yourself. One being the Diana Ross family, an unknown boyband with band member Tom Hamilton (Paris Jackson's now manager) and a young Asian sensation trying to break her way into the US scene. It was really a no brainer, you had all the tools and resources I needed to make my next big steps as a publicist - something I was already so natural at. 

The evening went on and you got wasted and cornered me into a private park of the ballroom and put a kiss on me, despite knowing I had a partner. I refused and wanted to leave - so you threw another one back and we left back towards the hotel after calling the driver where I could retrieve my things. 
After the business talk on the ride back you then opened back up the hotel room door for me and I went to grab my things in a bag and you pushed me onto your bed. You held me down and began to take off your clothes while attempting to undress me - I was in shock and unable to move at all from the pain as tears strolled down my face. When you finally got off my back with your penis against my skin, I gathered my things and left immediately. 

You sent me several texts apologizing and saying you must have been spiked for such to have happened as you weren't yourself. I was mortified and told my partner and then the following day somehow I forgave you enough to continue the business talk only. Within weeks I had found myself in NYC at your lofty office space to only again be hit on by you in a place I didn't know and in the comfort of your own. I pushed myself off and you stated I then could not work out of the NY offices and would need to relocate to Los Angeles if I wanted to continue to work and help with your client Diana Ross' daughter Chudney Ross and others. I did everything you asked from afar many months later, all while going through a breakup and taking great care of your clients until one night I was in a limo with Tom Hamilton and boys. 

Your name was brought up and I was the first to say what you had done to me and then everyone in the car who had also been forced on by you spoke up. Tom being one of them. I felt disgusting inside during this style day for the boys and knowing now that I wasn't the only one. It was only hours before I declined going to London with another client and soon left LA and your company and headed back to Florida where I continued work with Chudney Ross outside of you, along with many others along the way. 

This was suddenly the new normal for me in what the expect of others that held such power in Hollywood. From other encounters and loosing many job offers and roles simply because I would not have sex with them. My journals have all these memories, just as much as my mind. Here I am now releasing it to the world in hopes that others aren't continuously affected by your sick actions. I want to believe with all my heart that Diana Ross, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Kat Graham, Rihanna or a multitude of others would NOT have worked or be working with you if they knew what you were capable of...Then again, maybe it is just a hushed secret in Hollywood, as is MOST things - especially in PR. 

I am free now and you are forgiven, but again you will NEVER be forgotten. 

Jonathan Jaxson

Dear Cuba Gooding, Jr., 

It has been nearly 8-years since we shared what was to be a quick friendly kiss goodbye followed by you grouping me and inviting me back to your hotel. 

The season was NY Fashion Week and it was a very cold February 2007 when I arrived to Bungalow 8 with several very high profile celebrity clients who had the balcony reserved above the crowd. I sat with some of the biggest names alive today in Hollywood, sharing a glass of champagne after a successful day of NY Fashion Week shows. Below our group was the likes of the Olsen twins, yourself and many others and their security into this private retreat where celebrities got to be undercover. 

That night hit me hard as I only knew you from the movie "Boat Trip" and honestly had no clue further. So when the group I was with asked if I wanted to go downstairs and say hello to some friend, I agreed and we ended up at your circular table briefly as they chatted it up with you. I went for a hug good-bye after conversing and you planted a kiss on me. This is what I wrote about in my 2013 book about the incident:
Fashion Week Is Not for the Meek:
I was backstage at the Heatherette show as part of the annual New York Fashion Week. I had clients in their seats awaiting the arrival of Britney Spears. This was during her very public breakdown, and Britney did finally show up. Late. I watched her get out of chauffeured car, obviously incoherent, where she proceeded to throw up all over herself and the sidewalk below. Her team quickly pulled her back in the car and sped off. 
Later that night I accompanied several of my clients to the ultra-exclusive celebrity club Bungalow 8. As we took over the top floor balcony overlooking the dance floor, with full bottle service and anything we needed at our fingertips, I watched some sad and unimaginable antics by a very famous pair of twins. Next, I was on my way out of the party and was saying good-bye to some clients who moved to sit beside a charming, Oscar winning actor who I didn’t really know much about. 
At his booth was a gaggle full of young women, but as I got up to leave and give him a hug, he quickly turned his head and had his lips on mine and we kissed with our mouths open before I was shocked and finally said my official good night. I did an online search at home and found out he was still married with children. I was so shocked that he would make out with me of all people…
What I had left out was the biggest part, you grabbing my penis through my pants and inviting me back to your hotel which prompted the very quick exit alone for me. This was left out due to the fears of my attorney's at the time in what would possibly cause outrage from you and my already brunt honesty. I am fearless now and the truth shall set me free. I know if you did this to me, you surely did it to many others. As of matter of fact, it has been documented via many publications upon research you have touched many others inappropriately, yet it seems to stay hidden.

You sir are forgiven, but will NEVER be forgotten.

Jonathan Jaxson

Tuesday, August 6

Appearances, Appearances, Appearances!!!

Jonathan Jaxson has been appearing all over the airwaves over the past few months, from the US to Australia. Check out all of his latest appearances by visiting

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements ahead as Jonathan is fielding opportunities to host/co-host topical programs across the US and abroad on TV and radio.

Monday, July 1


Hi Friends,

I wanted to thank YOU for continuing to keep my first book a best seller in many different categories across the globe. I only have YOU to thank for that!

Furthermore, I wanted to let you know the latest on me and my life since the book released four weeks ago tomorrow!

As part of my "16th Minute," in the last chapter of the book, it has been my dream to go back to TV and/or radio as a regular everyday personality on-air. This is something I am working very hard on making happen, and not giving up at any "No's" that may come my way. Honestly, I would move to the middle of the United States (although I prefer anywhere along the east coast) to make this happen. I know what I have to offer to a market, large or small, and I am so ready for this new chapter in my life.

Speaking of new chapters, I am fast at work on writing a follow up to my book, that I plan to release this time with a publisher. This book focuses in more on the celebrities I have met and worked with and less about my personal life story. So publishers beware, I am coming for you too!

Also, lots of requests for book tour signings and Q&A's, but no bookings as of yet. When I start to book college campuses, book stores, or where ever they may be, you will be the first to know!!!

Ok, off I go to more applying for TV and radio jobs...Maybe I will be in your city soon working within your community!

Much love, light and happiness...

Jonathan Jaxson

Sunday, June 16

Best Selling "Don't You Know Who I Am Yet?" Out Now Worldwide

Jonathan Jaxson's best selling tell-all Hollywood memoir, "Don't You Know Who I Am Yet?," is out  worldwide, via the following:
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